Why is bone grafting performed?

Bone grafts are common procedures used to improve the health and function of the jawbones. A bone graft might be performed as a preliminary procedure before receiving dental implants or performed after a tooth extraction to give patients the option for receiving implants at a later date.

What is involved in a bone graft?

Simply defined, a bone graft involves placing bone tissue in the jawbone where bone is sparse. A bone graft could thicken and widen the ridge of the jawbone or be used to fill in the space where a tooth’s root once existed after an extraction.

Bone grafts are common procedures used to improve the health and function of the jawbones.

Bone can be sourced from a patient’s own body as well as tissue banks. Sourcing from tissue banks is typically more common because two procedures are necessary to harvest a patient’s own bone.

The grafting procedure itself is a minor oral surgery and many times can be performed with just local anesthetics. In some cases, an oral surgeon might prescribe sedating medication to increase a patient’s comfort.

Why is bone grafting necessary for dental implantation?

Dental implants support the entire oral health system, restore oral function, and last for years. A dental implant is a titanium prosthetic that is embedded into the jawbone to replace the root system of a missing tooth.

A dental implant relies on bone for its stability and support. Inadequate bone mass in the jaw could cause an implant to fail. Unfortunately, many people suffer with bone atrophy when they lose teeth. Bone atrophy commonly accompanies many oral health conditions, too, such as advanced periodontal disease.

Why is a bone graft recommended after a tooth extraction?

When a tooth is extracted, a tooth’s visible structures and its roots are removed. This leaves an empty space in the jaw. If a tooth is missing, the bone will deteriorate because the roots of teeth no longer provide stimulation. Bone grafting after an extraction helps preserve jawbone health for future dental implantation procedures.

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