Reclaim a More Youthful Appearance with Teeth in A Day

teeth in a day North OklahomaHas tooth loss negatively affected the way you feel about your appearance? Missing teeth can produce a prematurely-aged appearance. Ill-fitting prosthetics can also make a person look older than they should. Fortunately, reviving your appearance with dentures supported by dental implants can improve many facets of your life.
Also called “Teeth in a Day” and “All-on-4”, dental implants can increase the longevity and functionality of prosthetic teeth.
If you are unhappy with the look or performance of your existing prosthetic teeth, call our practice to reserve a consultation with our oral surgeon.

How All-on-4/Teeth in a Day Works

All-on-4 or “Teeth in a Day” is a process that involves placing a series of dental implants throughout the oral cavity. These implants are placed in very specific locations so that they can evenly disperse the force thrust upon dentures during oral function. After the implants are placed, a full denture is attached to them with an abutment to replace a total arch of teeth.
Dental implants are a relatively new addition to the various options people have for replacing lost teeth. These biocompatible prosthetics are used to replace the missing roots of teeth. Since bone integrates around the structure of implants, dental implants can hold prosthetics like bridges and dentures for decades to come. When prosthetics are held in place by dental implants, people enjoy an increase in oral function because their dentures will not slide when speaking or eating.
Another way that “Teeth in a Day” can help maintain a youthful appearance is by protecting bone. Without the roots of teeth to keep bone active, those who have lost teeth typically suffer from noticeable bone deterioration. When we lose bone in the jaw, it will prematurely age our appearance by causing our faces to appear sunken in.
If you have questions about dentures supported by dental implants, call us to reserve an appointment with one of our skilled surgeons.

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