tooth-extractions-stillwater-okAs specialists in oral surgery, our doctors provide tooth extraction services. Dentists and orthodontists refer many of patients to us because we offer specialized, precise care and possess access to state-of-the-art operating equipment to conduct a healthy and thorough extraction. When it comes to tooth extractions—especially those of a complex nature—visiting our practice may be the best option for a successful procedure that preserves your oral health.

Teeth need extraction for a variety of reasons. Sometimes, children require tooth extractions when permanent teeth begin to replace baby teeth. For permanent teeth to erupt the gum line healthily, an extraction removes baby teeth that have not fallen out yet to create space for emerging teeth. During orthodontic treatment, extraction may be necessary to help align crooked, overlapped, and crowded teeth. When a patient’s jawbones stop developing, extracting a tooth is necessary to produce enough room to shift and move teeth to a healthier position.

In other instances, a damaged tooth may require extraction if it cannot be saved with endodontic procedures and restorative dentistry. If teeth are severely decayed or if they are misplaced by facial trauma, an extraction can remove the damaged or diseased tooth to restore patient comfort.

The most common reason for tooth extraction is the removal of wisdom teeth. These molars are unnecessary for healthy oral function and when they erupt, they typically produce orthodontic problems. Removing wisdom teeth helps preserve previous orthodontic treatment while also promoting patient comfort because wisdom tooth eruption often produces considerable oral and facial pain.

When extractions are necessary, rest assured that our doctors will provide excellent care. Our compassionate team is dedicated to offering our patients attentive service and comfortable treatment. If your general dentist or orthodontist has referred you to our practice, we welcome you to schedule a consultation with our team. At your appointment, we will answer your questions and develop the best treatment plan for your needs.

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