An Affordable, High-Quality Full Arch Teeth Replacement Solution!

When serious tooth loss becomes an issue, it’s time to start considering permanent tooth replacement options. The Trefoil™ system is the newest and most affordable proven full arch tooth replacement option available today. Trefoil™ , by Nobel Biocare.
For many decades now, Nobel Biocare has been the dental industry’s leader in dental implant driven tooth replacement innovation. They revolutionized the dental industry with the All-On-4 Treatment Concept™, which is a system that takes advantage of the existing bone in the jaw and makes the most practical use of it. The All-On-4 Treatment Concept™ has lowered the price of permanent tooth replacement nationwide, while simultaneously solving for the very common issue of bone loss following tooth loss.
Today, we are proud to present Trefoil™, the next step in permanent, full-arch, tooth replacement. The Trefoil™ system uses only three dental implants to support a full arch prosthesis, which has a dramatically positive effect on cost while allowing for excellent long-term results!

What Is Trefoil™??

trefoil-barTrefoil™ is a full-arch, tooth replacement system that is supported by three dental implants. Trefoil™ incorporates a pre-manufactured framework that is uniquely designed to match the arch of the mandible and is supported by only three dental implants

How Trefoil™ Works?

What makes the Trefoil™ system unique is that it allows us to be flexible in our application of the dental implant placement angles. Being flexible with implant placement allows us to maximize the amount of healthy bone that the implant is placed in, allowing for higher success rates. The key to the Trefoil™ system lies in the adaptive joint attachment system that allows us to connect the prosthesis framework to the dental implants. These adaptive joints allow us flexibility in placement without sacrificing structural integrity or precision during the prosthesis placement procedure.

Is Trefoil™ Right For Me?

If you are dealing with significant tooth loss, or are facing it in your future, the Trefoil™ system may be a viable option for you. Trefoil™ is designed to fit a wide variety of patient needs and is even more affordable than the All-On-4 Treatment Concept™. If you were previously a candidate for the All-On-4 Treatment Concept™ but turned it down due to cost, or because pre-treatment planning required a bone graft, the Trefoil™  system could be exactly what you have been waiting for!

Fewer Implants Means Fast Recovery

trefoil-lower-jawWhen considering any permanent prosthesis, recovery time is always an important factor. One of the biggest benefits of the Trefoil™ system is recovery time. Since Trefoil™ only uses three dental implants, recovery time is faster.
We look forward to giving you a smile that you deserve!
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Why All-on-4TM?

All-on-4TM dental implant bridges have a number of advantages over standard dentures, including improved durability, increased comfort, and a more lifelike appearance and functionality.
This speedy treatment timeline appeals to patients who do not want to delay the full restoration of their smiles. Our practice offers general anesthesia so that patients can have maximum comfort throughout the procedure.
The All-on-4 solution offers a drastic improvement on conventional dentures for edentulous patients. If you need to restore your entire smile or if you want to upgrade standard dentures that you’ve worn for some time, consider this treatment option. Speak with our experienced, knowledgeable team to get more details on Teeth in One Day and learn if it might work for you.

Frequent Questions about All-on-4TM

How do Teeth in One Day dental implants work?

All-on-4TM is an innovative treatment that allows patients to get just four dental implants to support an entire prosthetic arch, giving many more patients access to implant-supported bridges. Here is a list of questions we often hear from patients who are considering this option.

How long does the treatment take?

The surgical procedure to place the four implants takes just a few hours, and most patients will be able to go home with a temporary appliance that day. They return to the office several months later after healing is complete to get the permanent appliance.

How does All-on-4 compare with conventional dentures?

Dental implants offer patients more stability than conventional dentures. They’re more effective at holding the teeth in place, eliminating the need for loose, ill-fitting dentures. All-on-4TM patients will be able to chew better and enjoy their favorite foods again.

Am I a good candidate for the All-on-4 procedure?

Each patient must be evaluated on a case-by-case basis, but generally speaking, many patients will qualify for this treatment because the bone at the front of the jaw erodes more slowly. Long-term denture wearers who might not have been eligible for six or eight dental implants used in the past often can get Teeth in One Day.

Will the results look and feel natural?

In short, yes! Because dental implants are a structurally complete tooth replacement option, the fixed bridge usually feels quite similar to your natural smile. The prosthetic will be made of advanced materials that share optical qualities with biological enamel, so most observers won’t even be able to tell it’s a bridge!

How do I take care of my All-on-4TM dental implants?

For the most part, All-on-4TM doesn’t require any care beyond good, solid oral hygiene habits and routine professional care. A member of our knowledgeable staff will show you how to maintain the implants.
All-on-4TM dental implants can be an effective intervention for a large number of patients who are already edentulous or those who are facing the extraction of an entire arch (or mouthful) of teeth. Dr. Miller and his team can educate you more on this procedure to help you decide if it’s the right option for you.