Wisdom Teeth Removal: Common Questions and Answers

Patients who are facing the surgical removal of their wisdom teeth often have a number of questions about the need for the procedure and the treatment process. Here are some of the issues that come up most frequently.

I’m not having any problems with my wisdom teeth. Why do I need to have them extracted?

Unfortunately, our modern human jaws are usually too small to allow the large wisdom teeth to emerge properly. As a result, they become impacted in a large number of patients. Impacted wisdom teeth can cause problems like cysts, tumors and abscesses, as well as discomfort, and they can knock the other teeth out of alignment as they continue to try to come in, potentially undoing years of orthodontic treatment. Therefore, many patients choose to have impacted wisdom teeth removed before they become symptomatic in order to prevent such outcomes.

Why does wisdom tooth extraction require oral surgery?

Often with impacted teeth, the oral surgeon must remove surrounding bone prior to extracting the teeth. This requires a surgical procedure.

When can I go back to work or school after having my wisdom teeth removed?

Patients who heal as expected usually can resume most of their normal routines (other than vigorous exercise) within a few days of wisdom tooth extraction. Your oral surgeon will educate you on preventing potential post-operative complications so that you can take steps to reduce your risk of an extended recovery timeline.

How can I prevent dry sockets?

You can reduce your risk of this painful condition, which develops when the clot that protects the empty socket either fails to form or is dislodged too soon, by avoiding activities that could disrupt the clot, such as using drinking straws or smoking.

I’m in my thirties. Can I still have my wisdom teeth removed?

While the procedure and recovery tend to be more straightforward in older teens and young adults, people who are older than 25 can have their wisdom teeth removed. Your practitioner can educate you on what to expect from the process.

Please discuss any concerns you have about wisdom tooth extraction with one of our knowledgeable staff members. We want to put your mind at ease before you undergo treatment.

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