wisdom-teeth-removal-stillwater-okAt Central Oklahoma Oral & Maxillofacial Associates, we provide careful and precise extraction of teeth when necessary to improve a patient’s quality of life and oral health. As the leading cause for tooth extraction—the eruption of wisdom teeth in adulthood—we take special care to ensure patient comfort and relaxation.

When wisdom teeth erupt in early adulthood, they can pose a number of problems for patients. Because the mouth and jawbone have stopped growing and developing, extra space for wisdom teeth cannot be created. Instead, when these teeth emerge from the gum line, they can crowd existing teeth causing teeth to become misaligned. If wisdom teeth cannot emerge from the gum line, they can become impacted into the gums and jawbone. Impacted wisdom teeth can lead to dental abscesses, pain, and infection.

Because of the many oral and dental problems associated with the eruption of wisdom teeth, extraction is often necessary to preserve oral health—especially the proper alignment of teeth. Many patients experience moderate to severe discomfort when wisdom teeth emerge, including frequent and debilitating headaches. For these reasons, extraction often improves patients’ quality of life.

When our patients require wisdom tooth removal, we take a compassionate and thorough approach to their unique needs. More than likely, your dentist will refer you to our practice because of our specialized experience with successful wisdom tooth extraction. At your consultation, our caring doctors will provide you with peace of mind and answers to any questions you may have. Our team will also discuss pre-operative and post-operative self-care so that you can heal from your procedure as quickly and comfortably as possible.

During your procedure, you will receive sedative and anesthetic medicine to ensure your comfort and to promote a worry-free experience. We strive to provide a serene, comfortable environment for all our patients.

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