7 Questions To Ask Your Oral Surgeon on Your First Visit

Oral surgery can be an intimidating experience, and it’s important to find a surgeon you can trust. The initial consultation is the perfect time to talk to the surgeon to determine if they are the right one for you. 

Keep reading to discover 7 important questions to ask your oral surgeon on your first visit. 

1. What is your experience?

Oral surgeons usually complete at least four years of training in a residency program before beginning private practice. You can find out how long they have been practicing, where they were educated, and even look up reviews from other patients. 

2. What will happen during the procedure?

Your surgeon will explain how the surgery will proceed and what they will do at each step. In addition, they should discuss approximately how long the procedure will take and how soon the anesthesia will take effect and wear off. 

3. What types of anesthesia are available?

Your goal is to be comfortable and pain-free, so asking about anesthesia is necessary. Most oral surgeons offer different types of anesthesia, depending upon the procedure. These include a local anesthetic, conscious sedation, and IV (or “general”) anesthesia.

4. What are the risks involved with the surgery?

Even though most oral surgeries are considered low risk, there is always the possibility of complications that can occur during or after the procedure. Therefore, it’s wise to ask your doctor about the risk factors.

5. How long is the recovery period?

Your surgeon can tell you approximately how long recovery will take and give you any necessary instructions for care. 

6. What is your availability?

After surgery, you need to be able to reach your doctor with any questions or concerns about your recovery. Your doctor should provide a phone number, time frames of availability, and instructions on what to do in an emergency. 

7. How much does the procedure cost?

In the case of oral surgery, lower prices don’t necessarily equal better deals. Talk with your doctor to see what your insurance covers and available payment plans. 

Final Thoughts

Oral surgery doesn’t have to be a scary experience. Take these 7 questions with you to your first visit so you know what to ask your oral surgeon. Understanding what to expect with the procedure, recovery, and bill should help set your mind at ease. 

At Central Oklahoma Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Associates, we are happy to answer your questions or schedule a consultation!

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