Teeth in a Day: Never Use Denture Adhesive Again

teeth in a day StillwaterIf you wear dentures, you are probably tired of using messy adhesives to keep your prosthetic teeth in place. Using adhesives are cumbersome and often necessary to keep ill-fitting dentures from moving and sliding when you eat and speak. Fortunately, you have options that can improve oral function, eliminate the need for adhesives, and boost your self-confidence. Our oral surgeon offers implant supported dentures using the All-on-4 method. Also called “teeth in a day”, the All-on-4 method anchors a set of prosthetic teeth to dental implants.

What are dental implants?

You have probably heard about dental implants in the media or from someone you know but you may not be sure of what a dental implant actually is. Made from titanium, implants are small screw-like cylinders that are placed into the jawbone by an oral surgeon. These cylinders can be used to replace a single tooth’s roots or to support a prosthetic such as a bridge or a denture.

What are the benefits of the All-on-4 method?

By placing four implants throughout the jaw, the All-on-4 method can support a full arch of teeth. Since the implants are located in the bone, dentures are held firmly in place—even when eating tough and chewy foods. Implants prevent denture movement when speaking, too.

By placing four implants throughout the jaw, the All-on-4 method can support a full arch of teeth.


An additional benefit of using implants to support prosthetic teeth is the fact that the bone will fuse to the titanium cylinders over time. This biological process, also known as osseointegration, helps prevent bone atrophy.

Will implant supported dentures appear more natural that traditional dentures?

Implants supported by dentures tend to look more life-like than traditional dentures. This is because they will not move in the mouth. Since implants support bone health, the shape of the face will likely not change with bone atrophy, thus allowing a patient’s prosthetics to fit properly in the mouth.

Our oral surgeons have additional education and training to address tooth loss with dental implants. Call our office at 405-624-1300 today to schedule a “teeth in a day” consultation today.

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