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In addition to replacing single teeth, implant dentistry can support prosthetics such as an implant supported bridge, or fixed bridge. At Central Oklahoma Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery, our oral surgeons offer stability and durability for denture wearers with implant-supported bridges and fixed bridges

Using small rods with a screw-like texture, dental implants are surgically inserted into the jawbone by our doctors. By carefully placing these implants in strategic locations, they can support an entire arch of replacement teeth. In the upper jaw, dental implants serve as an anchor for dentures and implants in the lower jaw act as a pillar to keep dentures from moving during eating and speaking.

An alternative treatment to traditional dentures is the All-on-4® method.  This patented approach to providing a fixed bridge is a great alternative to single dental implants for patients with bone atrophy, gum loss, or manageable gum disease.

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Options for Denture Wearers

An additional benefit to the All-on-4 method is that patients enjoy a brand-new, full set of teeth in a one-day procedure. When implants are used to replace a single tooth, the process can take months to ensure that the implant is stable in the jaw. Because implants used for a fixed bridge are smaller, patients enjoy a significantly reduced recovery time.

No Anxiety, No Pain, No Fear

Sedation dentistry can alleviate your dental anxiety. No one actually looks forward to undergoing oral surgery, and fear of the unknown is probably the primary reason for that. Will it be painful? Will you feel anxious or out of control? Our oral surgeons will make sure that the answer to those questions is a resounding “no” by offering the most appropriate methods of anesthesia to eliminate discomfort and put you at ease during your dental procedure.

Implant supported prosthetic teeth have revolutionized the discomfort and embarrassment associated with ill-fitting dentures that slip and slide through the mouth. Edentulous patients with an All-on-4 implant-supported bridge you can enjoy the ability to eat a wide variety of foods with optimal oral function, along with an improved appearance. Furthermore, prosthetic replacement teeth are made from materials designed to provide the most natural looking appearance possible.

Placing dental implants has been scientifically proven to reduce the incidence of bone atrophy and gum loss that commonly affects patients with missing teeth. Because implants mimic the function of a tooth’s roots, the jaw bone is less likely to lose mass over time.

To learn more about how the All-on-4 implant supported bridge can improve your way of life, contact our team to reserve a consultation with one of our oral surgeons.