Why Come To COOMSA For Botox?

Why Come To COOMSA For Botox? by Stillwater, OK sleep expert Dr. Richard Miller.

Video Transcript

Why Come To COOMSA For Botox?

The advantage of coming to us for Botox, as compared to maybe somewhere else, number one, I’ve had the training. I’ve done it for years. I’ve done a fellowship. I’ve been doing this since 1993, as opposed to someone who may have gone to a weekend course, and, hey, we offer Botox now.

The placement is very critical, so you don’t want to end up going to someone who’s not experienced. You may end up with a droopy eyelid or a crooked smile because it wasn’t was it put in the right place. Now, it is temporary. That lasts about three months, but you’re going to have to put up with that until it wears off. Because once it’s in there, there’s no way to remove it.

I’m very conservative. I’ll say, hey, I’d rather under-do this a little bit. Come back in two weeks. We’ll look and see where we are. And if we need to do a touch-up here or there, no problem.

As opposed to going somewhere with your Groupon, and who knows who you’re going to see, and what the results are going to be.