What Is All-On-4?

What Is All-On-4? by Stillwater, OK sleep expert Dr. Richard Miller.

Video Transcript

What Is All-On-4?

The ALL-ON-4 Teeth In A Day procedure was developed for people who wear dentures, who have trouble wearing their dentures, they shift they move around that cause sore spots. Somebody who has bad teeth and knows that their alternative is a denture. But they didn’t know about anything else, but we’re able to provide teeth immediately the day of surgery to candidates who didn’t know that was even available for them.

There’s a minimum of four implants, that are spread throughout the upper jaw or the lower jaw or both depending on what procedure would do in that tape. So those provide the anchors. Now sometimes maybe four is inadequate, so we may do five or even six. We won’t have enough implants and enough stability, to make sure they walk out with teeth fixed in their mouth that day.

The teeth that we’re able to provide with the ALL-ON-4 procedure are fixed to the bone. So that’s not something that moves around. So when everything is said and done, we’re able to eat anything that you wanted to eat. Provides a health benefit for the patients who the diets have not been good, especially if we look at our diabetic patients who aren’t able to eat healthy food. So it really affects their blood sugar and their overall health, it’s a life changing procedure for a lot of those patients. So can everybody kind of gets teary at the end of the day, we get hugs. And it’s the most rewarding thing that I do in my practice.