Upgrade Denture Stability

teeth in a day North OklahomaDentures that never stay put can be inconvenient at best. Patients who are frustrated by unstable conventional dentures can upgrade the appliance and gain a sense of security with Teeth in a Day.

This treatment method, which is also known as All-on-4, uses just four dental implants to secure a prosthetic arch.

After the oral surgeon inserts those four dental implants into the patient’s jaw, the surrounding bone forms a bond with them, rendering the implants as permanent fixtures in the mouth’s structure.

In addition to creating more stability in the denture, Teeth in a Day also offers a longer-lasting solution for tooth loss in comparison with conventional dentures.

The dental implants replicate the structures of the missing teeth’s roots. The teeth’s roots are very important in maintaining the contour of the jaw, and when they are absent, the bone erodes and the prosthetic loses its fit as the years pass. When this occurs, the denture may need to be re-lined. If the shape of the jaw changes too dramatically, the patient may need to get fitted for a completely new prosthetic. 

With Teeth in a Day, however, the implants help to prevent jawbone atrophy, and the appliance retains its fit.

With Teeth in a Day, however, the implants help to prevent jawbone atrophy, and the appliance retains its fit.

Similarly, the dental implants provide a physical link between appliance and jaw that allows the patient to preserve most chewing function, as well. Not only will your dentures not wiggle when you talk, they’ll also stay in place when you eat.

Since only four dental implants are used in All-on-4, the oral surgeon can complete the placement procedure in a matter of hours (hence the name “Teeth in a Day”). Most patients also will be fitted with at least a temporary appliance on the day of the surgery, and they may return after osseointegration is complete for the permanent appliance.

Don’t settle for dentures that constantly slip out of place. Teeth in a Day can give you more security and peace of mind. Get an oral surgeon’s perspective on whether you might be a good candidate for this treatment. Contact our skilled team at Central Oklahoma Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Associates to learn more.

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