3D Imaging Technology Can Enhance Patient Care

3D Imaging Technology Can Enhance Patient Care

oral surgeon StillwaterOur oral surgeons proudly provide state-of-the-art technology to better serve patients in our community. With recent developments in technology, we can offer the latest diagnostic imaging services including 3D imaging technology. This type of imaging greatly enhances patient care and our ability to efficiently diagnose conditions along with developing treatment plans.

How does 3D imaging work?

Three-dimensional imaging works by using a sensor that scans in sweeping motions to produce panoramic images. Unlike two-dimensional images, three-dimensional images display a comprehensive view of the oral cavity and the entire craniofacial region. Receiving 3D imaging  is a very quick process, and is not very different from traditional radiography. The 3D unit offers an open feel and patients will simply sit while the sensor pans around the head and neck region. Once the images are captured, they are sent to a high-definition computer monitor where they are displayed in a digital format. This allows your oral surgeon to zoom in and out of the image to take deeper looks at certain areas. These types of images are easily transferable, too, which allows our team to work quickly and efficiently with your dentist.

How do 3D images improve patient care?

This type of diagnostic imaging is important for developing treatment plans, especially for procedures such as bone grafting, sinus lifting, and the placement of dental implants. Since every patient’s situation is unique, our oral surgeon takes an individualized approach when it comes to determining the right course of action for our patients. In addition to developing treatment plans, our 3D imaging technology is also used to provide surgical guides. This helps our team provide extremely precise and customized care. Surgical guides are helpful for procedures that involve the jawbones and the placement of implants.

Using advanced technology helps enhance patient care by promoting efficient and effective treatment for a wide-range of oral surgery procedures. To learn more about our technology and or to schedule an appointment, contact our friendly and experienced team at 405-624-1300 today.