A Full New Set Of Teeth In Just One Day!

A Full New Set Of Teeth In Just One Day!

new set of teeth central oklahoma tulsa okIf you have missing teeth, or if your smile has started to fail, then you understand how much of your day can be spent focusing on your mouth. You depend on your smile for every first impression that you make, and when things just aren’t quite right, it can shake your confidence. And when you cannot enjoy the foods that you once loved, it can make every single day feel like a chore.

Renew your love for life with a brand-new set of prosthetic teeth from our team of prosthodontic and implant dentistry experts in Tulsa, OK. You may have heard about dental implants, but did you know that this technology can be used to support a full mouth of dentures? This procedure, commonly called All-On-Four®, uses a set number of implant posts per jaw to bring strong support to your new denture. If your natural teeth are failing, or if you would like to make an upgrade from your existing denture, talk to our team about our streamlined approach that provides new teeth in just one day!

Dental Implants Give You A Strong Connection Directly To The Bone Of Your Jaw

With dental implants, you have a sturdier connection than with some other methods of prosthodontic tooth replacement. This is because with implant dentistry, your new teeth connect directly to your jaw, rather than the surrounding teeth. Dental implants take advantage of sophisticated science, placing a threaded titanium rod within the bone tissue of your jaw. As you heal around the post, it created an unparalleled connection between your prosthetic and bone, helping you to enjoy the foods that you once loved. Feel comfortable biting into an apple again!

Our Innovative Approach Brings You All-On-Four® In Just One Day!

One of the most exciting new developments in dental implant technology is the use of these titanium posts to support a full denture. With a set number of implant posts per jaw (typically four), you can renew your smile with a full-mouth solution. This is often referred to as All-On-Four®, and it is truly changing the game in dentures.

But our team took this technique one step further and streamlined the process. Traditional implant-retained dentures often take some time for your body to heal around the post. We saw patients hesitate due to the timeline, and discovered a way to help you renew your smile in just one day. Talk to our team about how a same-day All-On-Four® procedure can help you reinvigorate your smile!

Learn More About All-On-Four® With Our Local Central Oklahoma Team

When it’s time to replace your missing or damaged teeth with a better solution, learn about how All-On-Four® can help. To find out more about our same-day dental implants, give us a call at our Tulsa, OK implant dentistry center at (405) 624-1300 or (800) 352-8685.