Achieve a Full Mouth Restoration with Teeth in a Day

Achieve a Full Mouth Restoration with Teeth in a Day

teeth in a day North OklahomaMost patients won’t want to wait for weeks to restore a smile decimated by tooth loss. Fortunately, patients who want the fastest treatment timeline possible can turn to All-on-4 dental implants to get a complete, beautiful and durable smile.

This treatment technique, which is sometimes called Teeth in a Day, uses four dental implants to secure a complete denture. An oral surgeon can place those four dental implants in a single appointment that takes just a few hours, and many patients can be fitted with a temporary prosthetic at the end of that session.

The use of dental implants in this intervention gives All-on-4 a number of other benefits for patients in addition to the brief treatment process. The dental implants become a permanent fixture in the jaw via a process known as osseointegration. That is when the bone in the patient’s jaw fuses with the titanium implants, which occurs over the course of several months after the oral surgeon places the dental implants.

Osseointegration leaves the dental implants structurally similar to a biological tooth’s root. As such, the dental implant helps to anchor the bone, much in the same way a natural tooth’s root does. This prevents jawbone atrophy and makes an implant-supported appliance far more stable than a conventional one that lacks a root-like component. With conventional dentures, the jawbone will slowly erode, and the prosthetic will ultimately lose its fit.

An implant-supported appliance also tends to be more effective at chewing because it is capable of tolerating stronger forces. Therefore, patients who opt for All-on-4 will also be able to maintain their normal diets. Use common sense, though, as anything that could break a natural tooth could also harm an implant-supported prosthetic.

Are you looking for a treatment solution for replacing your complete smile after tooth loss? Dreading the idea of waiting weeks to be fitted (and re-fitted) with a conventional denture? Look into Teeth in a Day as an alternative. Schedule a consultation at our office to learn more about this intervention.