All-On-4 Implant Dentistry And Dental Function

All-On-4 Implant Dentistry And Dental Function

Senior man with restored smile all-on-4 conceptYour smile certainly suffers when you lose teeth, but the impact on your health is also a point of concern. Unfortunately, those concerns can keep growing as time passes and you go without treatment. If you are not able to bite and chew effectively, your diet shrinks, and that makes it harder to consume the right variety of nutrients and vitamins to stay healthy. You can also find that jawbone resorption is creating new problems for your health and appearance. Our Stillwater, OK dental office is prepared to help. Through All-on-4 implant dentistry, we can actually address significant tooth loss in a short time! Also known as Teeth In A Day, the All-on-4 approach secures a prosthetic with a set of implants, giving it the stability necessary to restore bite function.

Recognizing The Functional Impact Of Tooth Loss

The longer you take in responding to issues with tooth loss, the more the problem can impact your health. Your restricted diet options limit your ability to enjoy healthy meals and snacks, impacting your overall well-being. You also need to be concerned with the effect of jawbone deterioration on your quality of life. Losing the stimulation from teeth roots means your jaw loses access to important nutrients. Over time, the bone loses density, which can have a visible effect that embarrasses you. Fortunately, a plan to restore your smile that includes the placement of dental implants can protect you against these different issues.

All-On-4 Implant Dentistry And Your Smile Restoration Plans

Through All-on-4 implant dentistry, we can have your smile restored in a single day. The process helps people who have lost several teeth and need a larger restoration, such as a dental bridge or denture. Four implants are selectively placed after we determine the right angles and locations for them. Once they are securely in their designated positions, we can set a restoration and secure it. The restoration lets you walk away from treatment with your smile completely restored!

Life After Your Smile Is Restored

Prosthetic dental work has many aims. You should be able to smile with more confidence thanks to your lifelike restoration. You should also be able to bite and chew with comfort, as your prosthetic should be durable enough to absorb pressure from dental movements. Not only will this let you expand your diet and enjoy a wider range of foods, it will stimulate the jawbone tissues and keep the bone healthy. That stimulation ensures nutrients keep moving to the tissues so that resorption does not occur.

Talk To Your Stillwater, OK Dentist About All-On-4 Implant Dentistry!

Through the placement of your permanent restoration, you can leave worries over tooth loss behind! You can enjoy a more confident smile, better bite function, and additional health benefits from treatment, and you can enjoy them after just one day! For more information on our practice and services, call our Stillwater, OK dental office at (405) 624-1300 or (800) 352-8685.