All-On-4 Offers Timely Smile Restorations

All-On-4 Offers Timely Smile Restorations

older woman smiling all-on-4 conceptGood things may come to wait, but you can be better off when what you want is available sooner than you think possible. The right approach to prosthetic dentistry takes on cosmetic and oral health issues associated with tooth loss. A secured restoration can look natural and give you back confidence in the way you look. If it has the right support, it can also provide important stability for your bite function. People who have suffered tooth loss can come to our Oklahoma City, OK treatment office to learn about all-on-4 implant dentistry. Also known as Teeth In A Day, this service can have a custom bridge set and secured after just a single appointment!

How Long Will It Take For You To Show Off A Fully Restored Smile?

Fully restoring your smile with a prosthetic appliance can give you back confidence in how you look and in how easily you can bite and chew foods. Treatment options for tooth loss vary. With the right approach, you can have desirable results in a surprisingly short time. Our solution to this problem involves the placement and restoration of four specially designed dental implants in the course of just one visit. Because we can fit the procedure into this shorter time, you will not have to endure a frustrating delay in restorative care!

Understanding The Effect That All-On-4 Has On Prosthetic Treatment

With all-on-4 as a prosthetic treatment solution, we can give back complete smiles in a surprisingly short time. We can also make sure that restorations are firmly held in place so that they offer lasting bite strength and stability. The procedure relies on implants that are smaller than standard—their special size limits tissue damage and makes faster recovery possible. We also depend on 3D printing technology during your appointment. With it, we can create a custom appliance that we are able to secure during that same visit. The bridge that we create can imitate healthy teeth and give you back confidence in the way you look. It can also offer the stability to make biting and chewing easier, so you have more success adding a wider range of foods back to your diet.

Talk To Our Oklahoma City, OK Treatment Office About All-On-4 Implant Dentistry!

You know you want to regain your smile. You would like to have it fully restored as soon as possible, but you may fear that the right work will require significant time and effort. By learning about all-on-4 implant dentistry, you can find that significant tooth loss is treatable after as little as one appointment! We use advanced technology, including 3D printing, to create and place bridges on carefully set implants in just one treatment. If you would like to find out more about this service and its benefits for you, call our Oklahoma City, OK location at (405) 624-1300 or (800) 352-8685.