Can My Full Smile Really Be Restored In A Day?

Can My Full Smile Really Be Restored In A Day?

man happy with restored smile all-on-4 implant dentistry conceptAfter losing just one tooth, it can feel as though you are far removed from your ideal smile. Losing many teeth can further demoralize you, and it may have left you convinced that the right prosthetic work is out of reach. Fortunately, you can find that this is not the case—in fact, you can potentially regain your complete smile in as little as one day through All-on-4 implant dentistry! Our Oklahoma City, OK dental practice is ready to help you with a service that permanently secures a restoration. The implants that we depend on to hold your restoration will offer long-term stability. They also give you back important bite support, which can improve your health and quality of life!

We Offer Prompt Results For Significant Tooth Loss

Any degree of tooth loss is a concern. With that said, losing many teeth, or an entire row, can lead to significant trouble. Your ability to bite and chew is compromised, which makes it harder to maintain a healthy diet. A compromised bite can also lead to pain and stiffness in your jaw. The longer you let tooth loss go untreated, the more likely it is that you will experience noticeable jawbone deterioration. This means your appearance and health experience negative effects.

Understanding How All-On-4 Implant Dentistry Helps You

All-on-4 implant dentistry, a treatment solution also known as Teeth In A Day, can give you back your full smile in a surprisingly short time. Dental work that provides a permanent prosthetic lets you bite and chew with renewed ease, which can help you feel more comfortable returning to a full range of diet options. It will also help you stimulate your jawbone and prevent resorption.

Before you receive your implants, your dentist will capture 3D models of your jaw and oral structures. With these models, we can determine where your implants should be placed. They are set in position through a careful surgical procedure, one that sees them set in spaces where your teeth roots were previously housed. Once they are put in place, we can secure a permanent restoration. After this is done, you can leave our office with a complete smile to show off to the world!

What To Look Forward To After Treatment

Regaining your smile lets you feel better about your appearance. It also helps you keep to a healthier, more varied diet, as you will be able to bite and chew with fewer difficulties. Another benefit is that you can provide stimulation in the jawbone tissues once again; this ensures that nutrients are being delivered to the bone so that it will not lose density.

Talk To Our Oklahoma City, OK Dental Office About Restoring Your Smile In A Day!

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