Why should I choose an oral surgeon for dental implant placement?

Why should I choose an oral surgeon for dental implant placement?

oral surgeon North OklahomaDifferent types of dental providers may offer dental implant placement, but your best option is likely to be an experienced oral surgeon. These specialists perform dental implant placements on a regular basis, and their extensive experience with the procedure and focus on surgical interventions in general give patients an excellent chance at achieving the desired treatment outcomes.

An oral surgeon completes a residency after graduating from dental school to gain in-depth knowledge of the structures of the face and jaw as well as hone his or her surgical technique. After earning their credentials to practice their craft, these surgeons have numerous opportunities to place dental implants and monitor patients for signs of successful healing.

Surgeons who place dental implants are also highly likely to take advantage of continuing education opportunities to stay informed about the most recent developments in the field. The design of dental implants is always evolving, as are the techniques used to place them, and it’s important to know that your provider is using the latest technology and procedures.

Furthermore, due to their in-depth familiarity with the bones of the jaw, surgeons are able to accurately assess the likelihood of long-term dental implant success or determine whether an initial bone graft would make the patient a better candidate for the treatment.

These specialists also routinely use sedation or general anesthesia when working with patients. If you plan to take advantage of one of these options with your dental implant placement (as most patients do), it will be beneficial to work with a provider who routinely provides this service and knows how to monitor you for safety while under our care.

We encourage you to schedule a meeting with one of our specialists at Central Oklahoma Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Associates to learn more about their experience and expertise in dental implant placement. We are happy to answer any questions that you may have about this treatment.