Will I be comfortable during my jaw surgery?

Will I be comfortable during my jaw surgery?

jaw surgery North OklahomaWhen our jaws are broken or misaligned, our health and quality of life suffers. Jaw surgery can be corrective or reconstructive in nature and sometimes, the temporomandibular joints require treatment as well. Our oral surgeons utilize medications to increase comfort during treatment. Sometimes local anesthetics and oral sedatives are enough to maintain comfort. Those receiving more invasive treatments might need twilight sedation or general anesthesia.

What are my sedation dentistry options?

There are varying levels of sedation available. The type of sedation a person receives will depend on his or her unique circumstances. Some types of sedation and anesthesia include oral sedation, conscious IV sedation, and general anesthesia.
Oral sedation involves a patient taking a prescribed medication in tablet form. These medications are mild sedatives that increase physical and emotional comfort.
IV conscious sedation and general anesthesia are reserved for more invasive and/or complex treatments. When patients receive IV conscious sedation, their medications are delivered intravenously but they are not medically unconscious. Those receiving IV conscious sedation can be woken up to respond to questions or commands.
General anesthesia is similar to IV conscious sedation in the sense that both types of sedation deliver medication intravenously. With general anesthesia, however, a patient is induced into a medically unconscious state.

How do I know what type of sedation is right for me?

Our oral surgeons will determine the appropriate method of sedation based on your specific needs. Determining the type of sedation a person receives is a careful process. Our team will consider your medication and surgical history as well as factors like your age when evaluating sedation dentistry options.

Is sedation dentistry safe?

We follow strict protocols to ensure that our patients are safe and comfortable throughout treatment. Our team closely monitors a person’s vitals during IV conscious sedation and general anesthesia to maintain a safe experience for our patients. Medications that are delivered intravenously can be easily adjusted so that only the necessary amount of medication is received.
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