Dental Implants: 5 Signs You’re a Candidate

Dental Implants: 5 Signs You’re a Candidate

Dental implants have become a very popular dental option that can resolve common problems that plague many people. In addition, their natural appearance, performance, and low maintenance make them an extremely appealing option. 

If you’re wondering if dental implants could work for you, we will look at five situations that would qualify you as a prime candidate for the procedure. 

1. Missing Tooth or TeethPhoto by cottonbro:

A missing tooth can be an unsightly gap that makes you self-conscious about talking or smiling. Even if it’s not visible, a missing tooth can wreak havoc on your bite and the alignment of your other teeth as they gradually shift to fill in the space. 

2. Broken Tooth

If a tooth cracks, chips, or breaks, it can sometimes be fixed with a dental crown. However, if your damaged tooth is beyond repair, your dentist will recommend an extraction and an implant. This will preserve your smile and ability to chew correctly. 

3. Loose Dentures or Partials

Ill-fitting dentures can be downright frustrating to deal with every day. They can be uncomfortable to wear, and it can be a constant chore to use adhesive to hold them in place. However, with implants, you will forget they are even there. What’s more, they look and act like natural teeth and are anchored by your bone. 

4. Bone Loss

If you are beginning to have bone loss from missing teeth, a dental implant can reverse that. The metal rod holding the tooth bonds to your jawbone and stimulates more bone tissue to grow just as natural roots do. Therefore, the jawbone remains healthy and strong, and your face will avoid the sunken appearance that results from serious bone loss. 

5. Difficulty Chewing Food

When teeth are missing, your ability to chew properly can be severely affected. You may be limited in what foods you can eat and have to carefully chew with a certain part of your mouth. Dental implants remove all of that difficulty and enable you to chew normally without any discomfort. They complete your bite with no danger of loosening or falling out.


If you are experiencing any of the oral problems above, you could be a good candidate for dental implants. Investing in dental implants can prevent misalignment of your teeth and maintain your ability to comfortably eat all the foods you love. They act like natural teeth by preventing bone loss and enabling you to look and feel your best. 

Find out more details about implants, and learn how our advanced technology can restore your beautiful smile!