Dental Implants: Enjoy the Health Benefits of a Complete Smile

Dental Implants: Enjoy the Health Benefits of a Complete Smile

dental implants North OklahomaWhen you need to replace a missing tooth, you have multiple treatment options. However, only one – dental implants – provides you with a structurally complete prosthetic tooth consisting of both a crown and a root-like structure. Choosing dental implants for a complete smile gives patients numerous health benefits.

Dental implants are unique technology because they become a fixture in the patient’s jaw. This occurs due to osseointegration, a process in which the bone tissue fuses with the implant’s biocompatible titanium surface. An oral surgeon inserts the dental implant in the patient’s jaw, and after several months osseointegration is complete. The patient may be fitted with a temporary prosthetic initially until the dental implant is fully integrated into the jaw and then return for a permanent one after that point.

A structurally complete tooth replacement holds numerous advantages over traditional appliances that lack a root-like structure. The jawbone is secured by the dental implant, making the smile stronger due to the absence of the jawbone atrophy that typically follows tooth loss. Additionally, the physical link between implant and bone facilitates the prosthetic’s capacity to chew a wider variety of foods, as the dental implant can withstand fairly strong chewing forces.

For patients to have long-term dental implant success and enjoy all of these health advantages for years, they must have enough bone at the implant site to support osseointegration. The oral surgeon will assess the implant site to determine if you are a good candidate for dental implant placement.

In addition to the health benefits associated with them, dental implants are versatile enough to be used in different scenarios of tooth loss. These devices can support a single crown, a fixed dental bridge or even a complete denture. Therefore, many patients can take advantage of this treatment option.

Do you want to boost your oral health and preserve your overall well-being following tooth loss? Research the benefits of dental implants and schedule a consultation with our team at Central Oklahoma Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Associates to learn more about this treatment.