Dental Implants and Osteoporosis

Dental Implants and Osteoporosis

dental implants North OklahomaOsteoporosis is a condition in which the bones become less dense over time. This process occurs naturally as a person gets older and can be accelerated by genetic factors as well as diet and other lifestyle issues. Because adequate bone material is so essential to dental implant stability, this condition can present an obstacle to dental implant placement. Nonetheless, many patients with osteoporosis still are able to get dental implants.

The primary issue is that bone that is less dense may not be as suitable for osseointegration, which is the foundation of dental implant technology. If the bone cannot form a strong enough bond with the dental implant, that implant may fail. In patients who have been diagnosed with osteoporosis, the oral surgeon will carefully examine the imaging to determine the quality of available bone and whether implant placement is feasible in this case.

Another factor related to osteoporosis that could potentially complicate your efforts to get dental implants is the class of medications sometimes used to treat the condition. Bisphosphonates strengthen the bone in a way that can compromise the osseointegration process. For example, the bone may not be able to re-form around the dental implant in a patient who takes bisphosphonates.

These issues often can be addressed, however. Patients with osteoporosis may need special considerations when they pursue dental implant placement. For example, they may need a longer healing period following extraction before the implant can be placed. They may benefit from dental implants with a special design or specific placement technique to balance the effects of the osteoporosis.

Other diseases of the bone, such as brittle bone disease, may also create challenges for dental implant placement, so be sure to discuss any such conditions with your surgeon so that they can be considered in treatment planning.

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