Why did my dentist refer me to an oral surgeon?

Why did my dentist refer me to an oral surgeon?

oral surgeon North OklahomaHas your dentist recommended that you see an oral surgeon? If so, you might be wondering what an oral and maxillofacial surgeon (OMS) does and why it is necessary to receive oral surgery from a specialist. An OMS possesses advanced education and training to provide focused care for the treatment of problems such as tooth loss and facial trauma. They also perform oral pathology and remove impacted wisdom teeth.

What kind of education and training does an OMS receive?

Oral surgeons are board-certified specialists. In order to practice as a specialist, they must complete advanced education and rigorous training. They also perform residency training and/or fellowships, which can include working in hospitals.

Once they complete their education and training, an aspiring OMS must pass board examinations and maintain their licenses by completing required continuing education courses on an annual basis.

What types of treatment does an OMS offer?

An OMS offers a range of treatments that include tooth extractions, bone grafting, jaw surgery, and placing dental implants. Since oral surgeons have an advanced understanding of complex facial and oral anatomy, they can provide a number of corrective and reconstructive procedures for treating facial trauma and congenital abnormalities.

One of the most common reasons patients are referred to oral surgeons is for the removal of wisdom teeth. While dentists can extract teeth, the removal of wisdom teeth is especially complex because of their location, a person’s age, and the likelihood that third molars are impacted.

Why should I visit an oral surgeon?

Oral surgeons provide specialized care that enhances a person’s quality of life and restores oral function. They utilize advanced technology and surgical techniques to help reduce invasiveness and discomfort. Visiting an OMS means that you will receive high quality care from an expert.

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