Do I Qualify For All-On-Four Implant Dentures?

Do I Qualify For All-On-Four Implant Dentures?

stillwater teeth in a dayHave you lost much of your smile, and worry that too much time has passed to receive a set of dentures? Well, talk to our team. We can examine your smile and even if you have lost jawbone structure to tooth loss, we can support same-day dentures. Our team at our dental implant center in Stillwater, OK can offer teeth-in-a-day with All-On-Four!

When to Seek Tooth Replacement

You should see our team for treatment when you lose a tooth, even a single one can be addressed with an individual dental implant, restoring function and beauty to your smile. If you have lost most or all of your teeth, even if years have elapsed since your teeth first were lost, we can help with fixed dentures. Dental implants are inserted into the jaw to act as new roots, preserving your jawbone and allowing your new prosthetics to stay fixed in place for years to come, possibly decades!

Assessing Your Jawbone Strength

Our team will first see if the All-On-Four system is right for you. This option is designed to offer teeth in a day, so you have a full smile without the need for multiple visits. Our team will assess the strength of your jawbone and choose the best angles, positions, and depths to insert the new roots, which are biocompatible titanium posts. The All-On-Four system requires less jawbone than traditional implant dentures, so even in its weakened state your smile can still receive a full set of dentures in one appointment.

Moving Forward with Treatment

If this option is right for you, then our team will plan the placement with detail, taking detailed digital images and x-rays of your smile. We then guide the posts into place at specific areas of your jaw, and in the same sitting, we will attach abutments to them and connect a complete set of dentures, which are fixed in plan to never slip or require removal for cleaning or soaking. They look and function like a natural set of teeth, so you enjoy renewed confidence and a lifelike appearance. If you have suffered from an advanced case of tooth loss and worry that it is too late, please reach out to our team so we can assess your smile and move forward with the All-On-Four system, helping you smile with confidence for years to come.


You’re never too late to obtain a smile that looks great and lasts for years to come with All-On-Four implant dentures. To schedule a consultation and start your journey to a full smile with our advanced Teeth-In-A-Day system, give us a call at our Stillwater, OK implant dentistry center at (405) 624-1300 or (800) 352-8685!