Do Sinuses Cause Toothache? How Sinuses Affect Your Mouth

Do Sinuses Cause Toothache? How Sinuses Affect Your Mouth

woman with jaw painNot all tooth or jaw pain requires a trip to your dentist or oral surgeon in Stillwater or other Central Oklahoma areas. Some common types of toothache could be caused by your sinuses. Your sinuses run right through your face, around your eyes, forehead, and behind your cheeks. Because of this, if your sinuses become inflamed or infected, the pressure can spread to your teeth and jaw causing oral pain and discomfort.

Why Sinuses Hurt Your Teeth

The sinuses are simply air-filled gaps in your facial structure that help keep the moisture levels in your nasal cavity at the right level. Because they deal with mucus and moisture they are prone to infection. The roots of your upper teeth are close to your sinuses, as is your upper jaw. Pain from the sinuses spreads across these areas, often making your jaw feel swollen or your upper molars ache.

Symptoms of Sinus Related Toothache

Symptoms that could indicate that your toothache is sinus-related include:

  • Several teeth in pain
  • Combined tooth and jaw pain
  • Pressure or pain around the face
  • Nasal congestion
  • Fever
  • Discolored or thick mucus

Most dental issues will be very focused in one area, while sinus pain can move around or lessen then worsen. This is because as you move, the pressure changes in your sinuses. For example, when you lay down, you may find the pain subsides as fluid drains out of the affected area.

Treating Your Sinuses

You may be able to alleviate the symptoms of sinus irritation by staying hydrated, using saline nasal sprays, and taking over-the-counter pain medication. In most cases, your doctor will assess whether there is a bacterial infection and, if so, prescribe a course of antibiotics.

Oral surgeons are acutely aware of the problems caused by sinusitis because the maxillary sinus is so close to the mouth. Dental surgery and treatments could be impacted by ongoing issues with the sinus, so always let your dentist know of any history of sinusitis or other sinus issues.

Of course, your first port of call when you experience any kind of toothache or jaw pain should be to contact a dental specialist or oral surgeon in Stillwater. Book an appointment today and talk to the experts to find out exactly what treatment you need.

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