Does It Hurt When You Get All-on-4?

Does It Hurt When You Get All-on-4?

When you are missing teeth or have extensive decay, it’s natural for you to be curious about your tooth replacement options. All-on-4 dental implants, also called Teeth in a Day, are a popular and effective alternative to standard dentures and bridges. 

If you’re interested in All-on-4, it may help to have some of your questions answered. Many patients want to know about the procedure and recovery. While All-on-4 may hurt, you should be assured that your discomfort won’t last long. Here’s what you can expect and need to know about pain during and after your All-on-4 procedure.

Minimal Discomfort During Your ProcedurePhoto by Kampus Production:

At Central Oklahoma Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Associates, your All-on-4 procedure takes place all in one day and lasts for a few hours. Dr. Miller specializes in this one-day procedure known as Teeth in a Day.

The All-on-4 is made of two main parts, the posts, and the bridge. Because installing the posts is a surgical procedure, we offer anesthesia and sedation so you won’t feel any pain during the surgery.

Make sure you have arrangements for someone to transport you home after your surgery. While the anesthesia keeps you from feeling pain, it won’t be safe to drive.

Some Pain During Recovery

One of the benefits of All-on-4 is that you can have an entire set of teeth replaced with only four dental implant posts, and each of these posts is slightly smaller than a standard implant. This means that you can recover and heal more quickly.

After you leave our office, you may experience soreness, pain, and swelling as the anesthesia fades. You should stay home from work for a few days following the surgery to allow for a full recovery. 

Make sure to follow all of our post-care instructions to avoid complications, including dietary restrictions. Eating the right foods after your surgery helps reduce the pain and speed up the healing process.

Depending on your health history, we can usually recommend using over-the-counter pain relievers and ice packs to help with your post-surgery discomfort. After a few days, your pain should be very minimal.


When you get All-on-4, you won’t experience much discomfort during the surgery, and pain during your recovery process can be easily managed. Our patients are happy with the beautiful, permanent results of All-on-4 and Teeth in a Day.

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