Will I still be able to eat my favorite foods with Teeth in a Day?

Will I still be able to eat my favorite foods with Teeth in a Day?

teeth in a day North OklahomaDid you know you could receive a brand-new smile secured to dental implants in one procedure? This treatment, called “Teeth in a Day” or “All-on-4″ involves securing custom made dentures to dental implants. Teeth in a Day presents unique advantages for improving patients’ quality of life, increasing oral function, and restoring their appearance. Patients with All-on-4 enjoy eating diverse types of food comfortably and efficiently.

What is Teeth in a Day?

Teeth in a Day/All-on-4 is a great treatment option for edentulous patients. This tooth replacement method involves wearing fixed prosthetic teeth. Conventional dentures rest on top of the gums and cling to the jawbone whereas the prosthetics used in Teeth in a Day are secured to dental implants. Fixed prosthetics, like All-on-4, substantially improve oral function when compared to unsupported dentures. Patients enjoy greater biting force and stabilized dentures, which eliminates uncomfortable prosthetic movement during meals.

All-on-4 means that all prosthetic teeth are secured to four strategically spaced dental implants. Dental implants function like the roots of teeth and since they are made from titanium, they can durably hold a variety of prosthetics like bridges and dentures.

The dentures anchored to dental implants are custom made to suit the appearance and anatomy of a patient. They are made in dental laboratories by skilled technicians for a lifelike appearance and feel. These prosthetics are indistinguishable from biological teeth so that they can produce a beautiful, youthful looking smile.

Why should I choose All-on-4?

Receiving All-on-4 could change your life. This tooth replacement method looks and feels incredibly natural. Life without teeth presents a number of challenges – from feeling self-conscious about one’s appearance to having difficulty eating food for optimal wellness.

Teeth in a Day also helps protect a patient’s bone structure because dental implants keep jawbone active and stimulated. Bone deterioration is a common side effect of tooth loss that contributes to diminished oral function and premature aging.

If you are evaluating your tooth replacement options, we recommend calling our practice to reserve a Teeth in a Day consultation with our oral surgeon.