Experiencing Symptoms of Impacted Wisdom Teeth?

Experiencing Symptoms of Impacted Wisdom Teeth?

tooth extraction North OklahomaDo you suffer with facial pain or frequent headaches? Perhaps the gums and teeth at the back of your mouth feel sensitive? Retaining our wisdom teeth can produce a host of oral health complications and issues with daily comfort. This is because wisdom teeth erupt in adulthood rather than adolescence and end up fighting well-established teeth for limited space in the oral cavity. Since wisdom teeth are so problematic, a tooth extraction is normally recommended as soon as they emerge to prevent complications and discomfort associated with their arrival. Sometimes, however, patients may not have their wisdom teeth removed soon enough and therefore, might experience oral health issues and orofacial pain.

How can a tooth extraction help?

A tooth extraction essentially removes the threat of a wisdom tooth becoming infected or infecting neighboring tissue. With a tooth extraction, an entire wisdom tooth is surgically removed – even its roots. If the tooth is already causing problems, its removal will alleviate future complications and improve one’s level of comfort. When it comes to the difficult nature of wisdom teeth, most dental health professionals recommend a tooth extraction over retaining the tooth.

Why are wisdom teeth problematic?

Wisdom teeth are problematic because they rarely have enough room to erupt upright through the jaws. Instead they become “stuck” or impacted in the jaws and/or gums. This means that if the tooth erupts at all, it will be crooked, sideways, or partially erupted. A partially or improperly erupted tooth will have a very high chance of becoming decayed or infected. This is because it is nearly impossible to keep a partially erupted tooth clean. Wisdom teeth, due to having limited space, will also crowd existing teeth. This can cause teeth to move out of position and it can contribute to issues with the occlusion (bite) and TMJs.

Why choose an oral surgeon?

An oral and maxillofacial surgeon (OMS) is an expert at performing a variety of oral surgeries. Due to an OMS’ advanced education and experience, he or she can remove difficult teeth surrounded by nerves, blood vessels, and bone with as little trauma to the oral cavity as possible. When performing extractions, our practice uses the latest technology and surgical protocols to ensure patient comfort.

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