Experiencing Tooth Loss? Issues That Might Surprise You

Experiencing Tooth Loss? Issues That Might Surprise You

dental implants North OklahomaPatients who are experiencing tooth loss might be primarily concerned with restoring the smile’s appearance, but other issues are as much of if not more of a concern.

Your teeth perform a number of functions that aren’t only important for your smile, but for your wellbeing as well. Therefore, it’s important to restore your smile after tooth loss. Keep in mind that you have multiple treatment options, so explore them all to see which is the best fit for you.

If you need to replace missing teeth, we highly recommend consulting with an oral surgeon to learn more about the many benefits of dental implants, the only structurally complete solution for tooth loss. Call our office to schedule your initial appointment.

The Many Functions Of Your Teeth

Obviously, your teeth play an important role in your appearance. A gap left behind by a missing tooth can make your smile much less attractive. However, the teeth play other important roles, including:

  • Chewing: Teeth are instrumental in processing the food that you eat, which becomes more difficult following tooth loss.
  • Supporting underlying bone tissue: The roots of your teeth don’t merely support the crowns, they also secure the jawbone tissue. Jawbone erosion occurs when the roots of the teeth are no longer available for this purpose.
  • Speech: Your teeth are important in making many of the sounds necessary to speak clearly. Missing teeth can have a negative effect on this activity.
  • Self-esteem: Of course, your smile’s appearance does affect your self-esteem. Missing teeth can make you feel less confident.

Options For Tooth Replacement

How can you restore your smile to preserve the functions listed above? Patients have different treatment options for tooth replacement.

  • Dental implants: These are small titanium cylinders inserted into the jaw to support a crown, bridge or denture. Placement of dental implants does require a surgical procedure, so patients will work with an oral surgeon for this treatment option.
  • Fixed dental bridge: A pontic (artificial tooth) is secured in the empty space by dental crowns placed on adjacent teeth.
  • Full or partial denture: This is a removable appliance that replaces any or all of the missing teeth.

Dental implants are the only structurally complete treatment option and offer patients many benefits. This treatment is also suitable in various tooth loss scenarios.

To learn more about preventing the issues associated with tooth loss and exploring your treatment options, call Central Oklahoma Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Associates to schedule a consultation.