Facial Trauma: Risk Factors and Treatment

Facial Trauma: Risk Factors and Treatment

facial trauma North OklahomaHave you ever wondered what happens when a person loses a tooth or breaks a facial bone to a traumatic injury? Facial trauma can be extensive, debilitating, and incredibly distressing. Our team of dedicated oral surgeons provides surgical treatment for facial trauma so that our guests can enjoy comfortable oral function and an improved quality of life.
The nature of facial trauma can produce significant discomfort and reduction in oral function. Moreover, the effects of facial trauma can leave physical reminders of one’s unfortunate accident. Our mission is to reconstruct tissue so that you can look and feel your best.

Risk Factors for Facial Trauma

Car wrecks and accidental falls are common sources of facial trauma. Blunt trauma from physical activities like contact sports also contributes to dental and facial injuries. No matter the initial cause of facial trauma, our mission is to ensure that our patients can lead as comfortable and healthy a life as possible.
When it comes to reducing risk factors for facial trauma, the word “prevention” comes to mind. People should take a mindful approach to their daily lives. This means that we should not drive under duress or distraction.
We also should wear recommended safety gear when engaging in sports or high-risk physical activities. Something as simple as wearing a chinstrap or mouthguard during sports could prevent the loss of teeth and laceration of soft oral tissue.
Beyond practicing mindfulness and wearing safety gear when appropriate, we need to keep regular appointments with our dentists for checkups and cleanings to monitor oral health. Weakened teeth are more likely to break and chip. Regular preventive care also means that if there is a problem with the structure of your teeth, they can be reinforced with beautiful, lifelike restorations like crowns.

Common Types of Treatment

Correcting facial trauma can encompass many types of reconstructive and restorative procedures. A person who has sustained facial trauma from a severe car accident, for instance, might need a combination of orthognathic (jaw) surgery, tooth extractions, and tissue grafts to restore oral function and comfort.
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