How do I clean my All-on-4 dentures?

How do I clean my All-on-4 dentures?

All-on-4 North OklahomaAll-on-4 is a wonderful tooth replacement method that restores your smile and your ability to eat a wide range of foods. When prosthetic teeth are anchored to dental implants, patients enjoy more control over their oral function. Maintaining your new smile after All-on-4 is important. Committing to a proper oral hygiene regimen will help keep your oral health in tip top shape and extend the lifespan of your new smile.

Here’s some helpful information on how to keep your All-on-4 dentures clean.

Brushing with All-on-4

Even though the materials that make up dentures are resistant to disease, debris and bacteria can still affect your oral health and the appearance of your new smile. Additionally, trapped food and bacterial growth contributes to unpleasant breath.

For these reasons, it’s important to brush your prosthetics every day, twice a day. Be sure to use a soft-bristled brush and brush all surfaces of your prosthetics, your gums, tongue, and the insides of your cheeks for two minutes.

Flossing with All-on-4

While you won’t be able to floss between prosthetic teeth in a denture, you will need to floss between the prosthetic appliance and your gums. At first, this can be a little trickier than conventional flossing, but the right tools can help improve your technique. Consider using specialty floss like Oral-B’s Super Floss to thread floss beneath your appliance. There are few types of floss available so be sure to ask our oral surgeon for recommendations.

Popular Specialty Tools

Some patients invest in specialty tools to keep their mouths clean with All-on-4. Popular examples of specialty tools include water irrigators like Waterpik and rubber-tipped gum stimulators. A water irrigator will help dislodge debris underneath prosthetic teeth while rubber-tipped stimulators help keep gum tissue healthy.

Our practice is here to help you make the most of your new smile. We are happy to recommend oral hygiene products to help you look and feel your best.

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