How Teeth In A Day Outperforms Conventional Appliances

How Teeth In A Day Outperforms Conventional Appliances

teeth in a day north OklahomaAn innovative newer approach to dentures known as Teeth in a Day achieves fully restored smiles in just a few hours. This treatment uses four dental implants to secure a denture, and is guided by advanced technology to drastically streamline the treatment timeframe.

The dental implant technology is the foundation of Teeth in a Day and is associated with many advantages when compared to conventional dentures. That’s why this treatment approach is becoming increasingly popular with patients.

Because dental implants are placed in an outpatient surgical procedure, most patients will opt to work with an oral surgeon on this treatment approach.

Teeth In A Day: How It Works

The process of getting Teeth in a Day involves a number of treatment phases:

  • Consultation and treatment planning
  • Placement of dental implants and appliance
  • Follow-up

This approach is called Teeth in a Day because the dental implants are placed in a single appointment that lasts just a few hours, and the patient is fitted with an appliance before leaving the office. However, all phases of treatment are instrumental to the success of Teeth in a Day.

The dental implants used to secure the appliance, which eventually become fixtures in the patient’s jaw, represent the innovation inherent in Teeth in a Day. Essentially, the dental implants become artificial tooth roots, giving the patient a structurally complete restored smile.

Benefits Gained from Teeth In A Day

In addition to the compressed treatment timeline, the root-like qualities of dental implants confer multiple advantages on Teeth in a Day that are lacking in conventional dentures. The most compelling features of Teeth in a Day include:

  • Longevity: Dental implants eliminate jawbone atrophy, so the supported appliances retain their fit.
  • Security: Dental implants ensure that the appliance stays put.
  • Functionality: implant-supported dentures contribute more effectively to chewing and speaking.
  • Comfort: Because they are structurally similar to biological teeth, Teeth in a Day feel more like natural teeth.

And this is far from a comprehensive list! If there are particular factors that are important to you as you work to restore your smile, talk to our oral surgeon to see how Teeth in a Day might deliver these results.

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