Implant Dentures Without Grafting

Implant Dentures Without Grafting

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When you lose your natural teeth and your jawbone weakens as a result, this could limit your tooth replacement options. However, we can offer dentures secured with the All-On-Four system to offer a new smile in one day. At our Oklahoma City, OK, dental office, our team wants to provide a complete smile again!

The Impact of a Weakened Jaw

When we lose our natural teeth, the body will respond by suspending or diverting the flow of calcium and phosphates to the areas of the jaw surrounding these lost roots. As a result, the bone tissue itself loses mass and density, breaking down to weaken the jawbone. This means you could develop a prematurely aged appearance, with sunken cheeks and even a ptotic chin eventually, and that you don’t have enough jawbone to support dental implants. Which means fixed dentures aren’t possible without first undergoing a grafting to strengthen the lower jaw, or a sinus lift to uncover enough structure in the upper portion to support new teeth. Fortunately, we have an option that can secure full dentures even if you have weakened jawbone structure!

Securing All-On-Four Prosthetics

The All-On-Four system, also referred to as Teeth-In-A-Day, can address missing teeth by securing dentures using only four posts per arch. These dental implants are smaller than traditional ones, and require less jawbone structure to support them. We insert them at specific angles and positions to strengthen the jaw and allow the flow of calcium and phosphates to resume. In the same visit, we connect abutments to them or a titanium bar, and then attach the dentures in the same sitting. We can extract the last few teeth, secure your new implants, and then connect a prosthetic in the same visit, so you leave with a complete smile!

Maintaining Your New Smile

Routine care is crucial for ensuring your new dentures have the potential to last for decades to come, possibly a lifetime, so you can enjoy your favorite foods, smile without hesitation, and speak clearly in social situations. No need to worry about slippage, and no need to remove them for cleaning or soaking. Instead, you brush them as you would natural teeth and floss around them too. Our team can discuss other oral hygiene improvements to keep them strong, and we can recommend routine visits for checkups and cleanings too.

If you have suffered from advanced tooth loss, then talk to our team to see if All-On-Four is the right choice for you. You deserve a complete smile, one that looks great and functions like a natural one.


We want to help you enjoy a strong and beautiful smile again with fixed prosthetics. To finally address your major tooth loss, call our Oklahoma City, OK office at (405) 624-1300 or (800) 352-8685.