How long will I have to wear braces before jaw surgery?

How long will I have to wear braces before jaw surgery?

jaw surgery North OklahomaFor some patients, orthodontic treatment alone will be insufficient for achieving their smile goals. In such cases, jaw surgery is also needed to address issues with development of the upper and lower jaws in order to completely enhance patients’ smiles.

When jaw surgery is incorporated into the orthodontic treatment timeline, it will extend the amount of time that the patient spends in braces. Typically, the braces are affixed to the patient’s teeth, and some adjustments are made. The patient will have the jaw surgery at some intermediate point during orthodontic treatment.

Combining Orthodontic Treatment And Oral Surgery For Optimal Treatment Outcomes

Malocclusions, such as open bites, overbites or underbites, may not respond to orthodontic treatment alone, particularly if the patient is a young adult or older and jaw development is complete.

In these instances, an orthodontist will collaborate with an oral surgeon to incorporate jaw surgery into the treatment plan. The surgery focuses on addressing the irregularities in the jaw, while orthodontic treatment focuses on repositioning the teeth.

When a treatment plan involves both orthodontic treatment and jaw surgery, the timing of all elements of treatment must be precise. The orthodontist and oral surgeon will work closely to determine when certain components of treatment will be introduced.

Determining The Treatment Timeline For Braces And Jaw Surgery

Your orthodontist should be able to identify the need for jaw surgery fairly early in the course of your treatment and refer you to an oral surgeon who will perform that procedure.

Several factors will determine the timing of your jaw surgery. Your orthodontist will want to produce a certain amount of movement before the jaw surgery is completed. After your surgery, the orthodontist will then continue to work on repositioning the teeth until they are properly aligned.

The timing of the jaw surgery will vary from patient to patient. While your orthodontist may be able to give you an estimate of the anticipated treatment timeframe as early as your consultation, that timeframe can be adjusted depending on your progress through orthodontic treatment.

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