oral-pathology-stillwater-okIn addition to offering dental implants and common oral surgery procedures such as extractions, our team also provides diagnosis and treatment of abnormalities that occur in the oral cavity and facial region. When abnormal tissue or legions are detected, we conduct oral pathology services that determine the nature of an abnormality and if it will negatively affect a patient’s health and quality of life.

Oral pathology involves the diagnosis and monitoring of suspicious lesions and masses in the mouth, facial bones, and soft tissues such as the lips. Depending on the nature of the suspected mass or tissue, our team will utilize diagnostic technology and review biopsies to determine if an abnormality is benign or malignant.

In instances of oral cancer, oral pathology can literally save your life. Cancers of the oral cavity often go undetected by patients and in some cases, can metastasize into a life-threatening condition. During routine oral examinations, your dentist or oral surgeon will look for signs of oral cancer by illuminating soft tissues in the mouth with special lights, taking X-rays, and checking for lumps and bumps by touch. Oral cancer can develop anywhere in the oral cavity including the opening of the throat, the lips, and soft tissue. As with other types of systemic health conditions, when cancer is detected in its earliest stages, patients typically enjoy a favorable prognosis.

When your dentist or a member of our team finds a suspicious lesion or mass, oral pathology will be conducted to determine if this abnormality is a threat to your health. Depending on the results of your biopsy, your treatment can vary. We take a compassionate and thorough approach to oral pathology to serve our patients with dignity and accuracy.

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