Oral Surgery: What are My Financing Options?

Oral Surgery: What are My Financing Options?

oral surgeon North OklahomaIn this economy, our team understands that financing important oral and dental procedures can be difficult. Some patients require extra help when dental and health insurance falls short on its coverage. Other patients without dental insurance prefer to pay for routine care in cash and use financing options for unexpected or more expensive oral healthcare costs. In addition to offering repayment plans through CareCredit and Springstone, patients may use health savings accounts as payment. Our oral surgeons offer convenient payment plans for patients so that members of our community do not have to forego the oral healthcare they need and deserve.

Convenient Payment Plans for Patients

At our practice, we understand that some patients may require payment plans for treatment. To meet the needs of our patients, our team offers third-party financing through CareCredit and Springstone. Both of these companies provide short-term repayment plans for patients in need of financial healthcare assistance. CareCredit and Springstone have been serving patients nationally for years.

CareCredit provides credit cards to qualifying patients. Patients who qualify will receive monthly statements and make monthly payments on their card. Some healthcare purchases are available without interest when payments are made in full up to 24 months.

SpringStone is another patient financing option that provides loans for those who qualify. Initial payment is not required and patients will pay for their treatment through a secure online account with SpringStone.

Insurance Filing Services

In addition to receiving extra funds for treatment through third-party financing companies, our staff is trained to file your insurance claims on your behalf. Most claims are processed between four and six weeks. Any remaining balances will be promptly mailed to our patients.

If insurance coverage falls short or patients are without coverage, third-party financing is especially beneficial for procedures such as bone grafts, wisdom teeth removal, jaw surgery, and the placement of dental implants.

Proudly providing quality oral and maxillofacial care, our team is dedicated to helping our patients live healthy and comfortably. For questions or to schedule an appointment with our skilled and compassionate oral surgeons, contact Central Oklahoma Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Associates at your convenience.