Receiving All-On-4 Implant Bridges In A Short Time

Receiving All-On-4 Implant Bridges In A Short Time

senior woman with nice smile all-on-4 implant conceptWhen you learn that your full smile can be restored, and that the restoration that you receive will offer bite support and health benefits, you can be eager to start care. You may also feel worried that the work involved will be long and drawn out, which may lead to some worry or frustration. People who have suffered significant tooth loss can come to our Stillwater, OK treatment location to receive all-on-4 implant bridges! By doing so, they can have a full dental arch set in place after just one appointment. The stability offered by the implants holding it in place will help you bite and chew with greater ease, protect you against jawbone deterioration, and generally help you enjoy life with a restored smile.

How Long Will It Take To Restore A Row Of Teeth?

The loss of a full row of teeth can be hard to adjust to, as it takes a heavy toll on how you look, your ability to bite and chew, and your general ability to maintain your health. Because of this, you can be eager to regain what you lost in the shortest time possible. The all-on-4 treatment approach is also referred to as Teeth In A Day because just one visit can be all it takes to have your restoration secured! This is a process that depends on a set of carefully placed dental implants. After we secure them, we can connect a bridge so that your smile is complete once again.

How All-On-4 Implant Bridges Provide Teeth In A Day!

The dental implants that are used for the all-on-4 approach are specially designed for timely care. They are smaller in size than traditional implants. That change helps to hasten your healing time. They are also set at an angle underneath the gums in order to provide better support for your restoration. To make sure that your appliance is the right fit, we capture detailed images of your oral structures and use 3D printing technology to have a custom bridge prepared at our office.

Helpful Information On The Benefits Of Implant Dentistry

Whether a patient is having one tooth or an entire row replaced, implant dentistry provides important benefits. Dental implants are set directly into the jawbone, where they occupy spaces that were previously holding the roots of teeth. By carefully setting them in these spaces, we can help you keep a prosthodontic appliance secure even as you bite and chew with it. In addition to making dental functions more comfortable, implants offer benefits for your jawbone when you do so. This is because the stimulation from biting and chewing help keep the jawbone from shrinking and losing density over time, a problem associated with tooth loss.

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