Receiving Dentures That Can Last Decades

Receiving Dentures That Can Last Decades

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Traditional dentures, the removable kind, can offer a full smile again and restore function and beauty to your smile. But! They also need to be replaced every five to ten years as your jaw ridge changes shape. But what if we could provide implant dentures that last for decades? Our team at our dental implant center in Stillwater, OK can offer All-On-Four dental implant dentures that last for years to come!

When to Seek Tooth Replacement

You should consider an appointment when you have lost substantial amounts of your natural teeth. Losing most of your teeth severely limits your meal options and your overall nutritional intake. You could also have trouble with clear speech and social interactions, impacting your quality of life in negative ways. As the body stops sending doses of calcium and phosphorus to the jawbone, you develop a breakdown linked to further tooth loss and a much older appearance. But securing prosthetics with dental implants can halt these issues, even if your jaw has weakened already.

The All-On-Four Difference

Typically, when the jaw loses mass and density, this means a gradual breakdown occurs that prevents you from being able to receive traditional dental implant dentures without first undergoing grafting or a sinus lift procedure. But! With All-On-Four, we use specially designed implants that are smaller and require less structure to support them. We can insert only four per arch, and they stimulate growth of jawbone structure to prevent the breakdown that causes an older appearance. Not only that, but in the same visit we can connect abutments to the posts so we can attach a prosthetic, meaning you leave our office with a complete smile after only one visit!

Caring for Your New Smile

Our team will talk to you about caring for your new smile. Like natural teeth, these need to be brushed and flossed to remove harmful oral bacteria and stray food particles, limiting the issues that could threaten your new smile, such as periodontal disease. No need to remove them for soaking or cleaning, they stay in place and never skip when you eat or speak. If you have any questions about how we plan and implement the placement of our All-On-Four dental implant dentures, then contact our team today to learn more. We want you to enjoy a full smile again!


Our team wants to offer the chance to enjoy a full smile again and better oral health and function as a result. To schedule a consultation for a full set of implant dentures, then give us a call at our Stillwater, OK implant dentistry center at (405) 624-1300 or (800) 352-8685!