Secure Dentures with Teeth in a Day

Secure Dentures with Teeth in a Day

teeth in a day StillwaterDo your dentures move when you speak and eat? Perhaps you wish your dentures fit more comfortably or looked more natural. We offer All-on-4 dentures supported by dental implants to improve the lives of our edentulous patients.
Also known as “Teeth in a Day”, All-on-4 is a method of increasing denture stability by securing custom prosthetic teeth to sturdy dental implants. With support from beneath the surface of the gums, dentures will not shift during meals or when speaking.

How Teeth in a Day Works

Anchoring prosthetic teeth to dental implants is a process. Our oral surgeons will develop a person’s custom treatment plan once he or she is deemed an acceptable candidate for this treatment.
Molds, photographs, and diagnostic images will be used to determine the appropriate specifications for one’s dentures. Dentures have to be made to very exact measurements so that they fit comfortably and look natural.
During the surgical phase of treatment, our team will embed four dental implants into the jawbone. The placement of these implants is very important.
Dental implants distribute all the force and pressure associated with chewing so that people enjoy improved oral function when eating. Once the implants are embedded, a person’s dentures are attached to abutments. Bone will continue to stabilize dental implants as it generates new tissue to fuse to implants’ titanium structure.

Benefits of All-on-4

Receiving dentures supported by dental implants can change your life. Our patients who have benefitted from Teeth in a Day often tell us how happy they are with the functionality of their new teeth and the appearance of their smiles.
People who have All-on-4 do not have to worry about dentures moving unnaturally and uncomfortably. Since your prosthetic teeth draw on support from the bone, messy denture adhesives are not necessary.
Our oral surgeons are accepting new implant dentistry patients. Call Central Oklahoma Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Associates today to reserve a consultation. At your consultation, we will perform a physical examination to determine if this treatment option meets your needs.