What are the first steps when considering dental implants?

What are the first steps when considering dental implants?

dental implants North OklahomaDental implants appeal to many patients because of the numerous benefits they offer as a tooth replacement method. However, in order to take advantage of this treatment option, patients must meet certain qualifications for dental implant placement. The first step in this treatment process is an initial consultation with an oral surgeon.

At that first appointment, the oral surgeon will gather information about your case by examining your smile and taking x-rays and other imaging to assess the quality of bone at the identified implant site. Because long-term dental implant success is dependent on the osseointegration process, insufficient bone tissue can result in premature dental implant failure.

Certain oral diseases will also contraindicate dental implant placement when they are uncontrolled, so your surgeon will also look for signs of issues such as gum disease or infection. When present, those issues must be treated before you can have the dental implants placed. Your surgeon will also gather information about your general medical history to determine if you have any health conditions that might interfere with the healing process.

After you are identified as a good candidate for dental implant placement, the surgeon can proceed with planning the procedure. You will get information about how to prepare for that appointment, which will take place in an outpatient setting. You will also have a chance to ask about post-operative instructions in case you need to purchase any supplies for self-care. Patients also receive written instructions for follow-up care after leaving the dental implant placement appointment.

Some patients may not qualify for dental implant placement immediately after the initial assessment due to missing bone, but these patients often can be helped with a preliminary bone graft. The additional procedure does extend the treatment timeline, but it also greatly improves the chances of dental implant success.

The first step in getting dental implants to replace missing teeth is to have an initial evaluation with a provider who has extensive experience in placing these devices. Call our team at Central Oklahoma Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Associates today to schedule your appointment.