Steps to Prevent Facial Injuries

Steps to Prevent Facial Injuries

 facial trauma North OklahomaFacial trauma and injuries to the oral and maxillofacial region can have profound effects on a patient’s livelihood. From intense discomfort to lost oral function, facial injuries can damage the bones of the face and jaw, affect tooth placement, and cause lacerations on the skin and soft oral tissues. To help reduce the incidence of facial trauma, our oral surgeon offers advice for preventing and responding to injuries.

Preventing Facial Injuries

Some of the most common ways that a person can endure facial trauma is through accidental falls, car wrecks, and contact sports. While accidents are sometimes unavoidable, it goes without saying that patients should be very cautious to avoid injuries—especially when driving. Something as routine as walking down a flight of stairs or enjoying a hike can lead to an accident that damages the mouth and face. Our oral surgeon encourages patients to exercise caution by avoiding distractions that can cause accidental falls.

When it comes to playing contact sports, patients should considering wearing a custom-fitted mouth guard. Sports like football, boxing, and basketball have high injury rates because blunt force to the face or a fall can knock out teeth and break bones. A mouth guard will protect teeth and gums and will prevent, most of the time, blunt force to the face from knocking out or displacing teeth.

Responding to Facial Trauma and Injuries

One of the most important things you should do is keep your dentist or oral surgeon’s number handy at all times—especially when you are away from home. Keep a business card in your wallet or purse or save the important contact information in your phone. Call our office as soon as you can after an injury, so we can accommodate your needs. If you require immediate emergency attention, visit the closest hospital near you.

Our oral surgeons are experienced in treating a wide range of facial injuries with corrective and reconstructive surgeries to restore oral function and appearance.

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