Teeth In A Day: Will my replacement teeth be comfortable?

Teeth In A Day: Will my replacement teeth be comfortable?

teeth in a day north OklahomaUsing dental implants to secure a denture, as the Teeth in a Day treatment method does, offers patients optimal comfort, in addition to a host of other benefits.

Of course, one of those benefits is that the treatment is completed in a single day. Patients who choose Teeth in a Day don’t have to spend weeks waiting to be fitted with dentures.

Teeth in a Day can restore a beautiful smile within a matter of hours, so patients who need to restore an entire arch of teeth, or both arches, should consider this treatment option.

Teeth In A Day: Comfort And Convenience

Dental implants are unique among tooth replacement devices because they replace both the roots and crowns of missing teeth. Bone fuses with the titanium implants over the course of several months after the oral surgeon places them, creating a physical link between jaw and implant.

Not only do Teeth in a Day feel more like biological teeth, they also eliminate the need for messy denture adhesives. Furthermore, it’s easy to maintain dental implants to reduce your risk of future gum disease, which can contribute to premature dental implant failure.

Teeth in a Day outperform conventional dentures in a number of other ways, as well, including:

  • Greater durability and stability
  • Improved chewing function
  • Peace of mind that the dentures will not slip out of position

The Teeth In A Day Treatment Process

The first step in the Teeth in a Day treatment process is an initial consultation with your oral surgeon. At this session, your case will be assessed to determine whether Teeth in a Day is a viable treatment option for you.

When the time comes to have your dental implants placed and be fitted with your denture, the oral surgeon will insert four dental implants into the jaw, near the front of your mouth. That location, where the bone is thickest, allows a variety of patients to take advantage of Teeth in a Day.

At the end of the appointment, the patient is fitted with a denture that has a lifelike appearance. After the dental implants have been osseointegrated completely, you may then be fitted with a stronger, permanent denture.

To learn more about Teeth in a Day and see if it might be the right treatment choice for you, call our office to schedule a consultation.