Is it time to have your wisdom teeth extracted?

Is it time to have your wisdom teeth extracted?

tooth extraction North OklahomaBecause patients often pursue wisdom teeth removal in their late teens or early twenties, this procedure is almost considered to be a rite of passage into early adulthood. It is recommended that patients have their wisdom teeth removed by age 25. After that point, the roots of the wisdom teeth become more entrenched in the bone, making it more difficult to remove them. Patients who are older than that also tend to have a more extended recovery period. Therefore, if you are in your early twenties and still have your wisdom teeth, you may want to consider extraction.

This type of tooth extraction is more complex than removing other teeth. Wisdom teeth often become impacted, which means that surrounding bone tissue will need to be removed before an oral surgeon can access and remove those teeth. Thus, wisdom tooth extraction involves a surgical procedure.

The procedure of wisdom teeth extraction is quite common and routine, although it does involve risks, as does any surgical procedure. Your oral surgeon will thoroughly explain these risks, along with the steps that you can take to prevent them, so that you can make an informed treatment decision. You will also receive information about how to prepare for the procedure, including any actions that must be taken in advance of sedation.

Patients will often consider wisdom tooth extraction even if their impacted wisdom teeth are not symptomatic. Using x-ray imaging, a provider can determine if the wisdom teeth are likely to become impacted in patients as young as 14 or 15 years old. However, it is impossible to similarly predict when those impacted wisdom teeth can cause problems like abscesses, cysts or tumors. Therefore, to avoid such outcomes, patients choose to have their wisdom teeth removed as a preventive measure.

If you are an older teen or young adult, you should schedule a consultation to see if wisdom tooth extraction is recommended in your case. Call our team at Central Oklahoma Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Associates today to set up a time to meet with one of our experienced surgeons.