Tips to Prepare for Your Oral Surgery Consultation

Tips to Prepare for Your Oral Surgery Consultation

oral surgeon North OklahomaYour first appointment with an oral surgeon can feel intimidating if you’ve never been seen by one of these specialists before, so here are a few suggestions to make the process go more smoothly. Keep in mind that a consultation is just a preliminary appointment involving an examination and possibly additional imaging. This session should not involve any discomfort, so don’t feel like you have to worry that it will be a painful experience.

— Bring any information that you have from your referring dentist, if you have been seen by one. Your dentist likely will give you a referral form, and this form contains information that is helpful to the oral surgeon in planning for your treatment. Additionally, please bring any x-rays or other imaging that has already been taken so that they can be incorporated into the treatment planning.

— Bring a copy of your dental insurance card. Our experienced staff will work to maximize your insurance benefits to keep your out-of-pocket costs as low as possible. The staff can also discuss payment and/or financing options for those costs that do turn out to be your responsibility after insurance has been billed.

— Have a list of questions. You may be wondering about various aspects of your care, including the need for the procedure, sedation options, pre-operative preparation (e.g. whether you’ll need to fast for a period in advance of the procedure), post-operative instructions to reduce your risk of complications and various other concerns. Your consultation presents an excellent opportunity to discuss these issues with your oral surgeon and get the information that you need before the procedure.

Your oral surgery consultation is a chance to get important information about your oral surgery procedure and to ask any questions you may have. Whether you’re having a wisdom tooth extraction, dental implant placement, jaw surgery or some other procedure, the consultation is the important first step in a successful treatment experience.

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