What Does Total Tooth Loss Mean For You?

What Does Total Tooth Loss Mean For You?

stillwater all-on-fourWhen you lose a tooth, a dental bridge or an individual dental implant could fill the gap and protect your smile. But what if you have lost most, or even all of your natural teeth? Then we recommend a set of dentures secured with dental implants! Our team at our dental implant center in Stillwater, OK can offer just that with All-On-Four implant dentures.

The Causes of Missing Teeth

What causes such an advanced case of tooth loss to occur? For some, missing teeth could be connected to injuries, cavities, or infections. However, in most cases the advanced nature is due to periodontitis, the later stage of gum disease. When you lose your teeth, you need a prosthetic to restore your smile to optimal health and function, and also improve the beauty of your smile. Otherwise, in addition to changes to how you eat and speak, this could lead to changes to your facial structure and even an older appearance!

The Loss of Your Facial Structure

When a tooth is lost, the body will stop sending regular doses of calcium and phosphorus to the bone around the missing root. Which means advanced tooth loss leads to a significant portion of your jaw deprived of these essential nutrients. As the tissue breaks down, this causes an older appearance, including sunken cheeks and the risk of a ptotic chin. You need dental implants, which act as new roots and cause the body to resume the flow of nutrients, which stimulates the growth of jawbone structure to keep these new roots in place for decades to come. Even if you have a weakened jawbone, we can help with All-On-Four.

Help With All-On-Four

These dental implant posts are smaller and able to require less structure to stay secure, so they can often be placed and prevent the need for grafting or sinus lift procedures beforehand. We choose the best angle, position, and depth to insert them so they can stay in place and last for decades to come, possibly a lifetime. In the same visit, we will connect a denture to them so you leave with a full smile, one that looks and functions like a natural one. Once the placement area heals, you can enjoy your favorite foods again! If you have any questions about how we tackle advanced tooth loss in one visit with All-On-Four, then contact our team today to learn more.


Don’t live with edentulism, talk to our team about a same-day solution so you can smile with confidence and enjoy your best oral health. To schedule a consultation to find out your options, then give us a call at our Stillwater, OK implant dentistry center at (405) 624-1300 or (800) 352-8685!