What to Do if You’ve Experienced Tooth Loss

What to Do if You’ve Experienced Tooth Loss

Losing an adult tooth is traumatic and can occur due to a car accident, sporting injury, violence, or disease. If you or a friend loses a tooth, it’s essential to know how to prevent further damage. An open socket can quickly become infected, and the rest of the teeth will begin to shift to fill in the empty space, affecting your appearance and your ability to bite and chew. 

Instead of feeling helpless, read below for what to do if you experience tooth loss.

Keep the Tooth

If possible, find and keep the missing tooth. It’s not a goner yet! Be sure to pick it up by the crown (top) part and not the root to preserve it as much as possible. 

Rinse-Off the Tooth

Carefully rinse the tooth with water, milk, or sterile saline solution. Don’t wipe, brush, or scrub the tooth, which could cause more damage. Instead, gently use the liquid to rinse the entire tooth, from root to crown.

Reinsert the Tooth

Try to reinsert the tooth into the empty socket. Sometimes this works, and at bare minimum, it will protect the root. If you can reinsert it, put a piece of gauze over it and gently bite down to keep the tooth immobilized. See a dentist or doctor as soon as possible, even if you have successfully reinserted it.

Preserve the Tooth

If reinsertion doesn’t work, it’s vital to protect your tooth as much as possible. Place it in milk or saline solution or, if necessary, put it in your mouth between your cheek and gums. Please don’t put it in water because water won’t help preserve it.

Visit the Dentist or Emergency Room

Time is of the essence when you experience tooth loss, so go to your dentist or ER immediately to get professional help restoring it. They may be able to reinsert it even if you couldn’t. They will also ensure the area is clean and free of infection.


Tooth loss can be caused by many things, including decay, accidents, and injury. Since it can be a stressful event, you should know what to do to avoid unnecessary damage and trauma. By following the steps above, you will be on your way to a full recovery in a minimal amount of time. 

For questions or help in an emergency, we are here for you!