Why did my dentist refer me to an oral surgeon for a tooth extraction?

Why did my dentist refer me to an oral surgeon for a tooth extraction?

tooth extraction north OklahomaHas your dentist referred you to an oral surgeon to have a tooth removed? If so, it’s for good reason. While a general dentist can perform a simple tooth extraction, sometimes an oral and maxillofacial surgeon (OMS) is needed to perform complex tooth removals. This can include removing wisdom teeth, badly injured teeth, and impacted teeth.

Visiting an OMS can enhance your care. This is because oral surgeons have advanced training to perform a variety of surgical procedures. These specialists can also prescribe powerful medications such as anesthetics to maintain patient comfort during more invasive treatments.

Why are some tooth extractions more complex than others?

A tooth extraction can be quite complicated – especially if the tooth in question is a third molar (wisdom tooth) or if it’s impacted. Wisdom teeth are located at the very back of the mouth, near blood vessels and other vital oral tissues. Their location and proximity to delicate structures can complicate their removal. The roots of wisdom teeth tend to curve differently into the jawbone as well, which makes their removal more difficult.

If a tooth is impacted, it means that a portion or all of its structure is stuck in the gum and/or jawbone. While any tooth that is erupting could theoretically become impacted, this concern most commonly affects wisdom teeth. Removing impacted teeth is more invasive than other types of tooth extractions and therefore requires the expertise of an OMS.

When teeth have been broken or badly damaged, they can be very cumbersome to remove. In these cases, an OMS may be necessary to surgically remove what’s left of the tooth and its root system.

Will I be comfortable during my tooth extraction?

Our oral surgery practice takes every measure possible to ensure that our guests are comfortable during their treatments. Complex tooth extractions typically involve the administration of IV sedation, which prevents discomfort and allows a patient to rest peacefully during his or her procedure.

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