Why do my wisdom teeth hurt?

Why do my wisdom teeth hurt?

oral surgery North OklahomaDo you experience orofacial pain like tenderness near the back of the mouth or frequent headaches? Perhaps your dentist has informed you that your wisdom teeth have erupted and that you should visit an oral surgeon for wisdom teeth removal. Removing wisdom teeth is an oral surgery that can improve your quality of life and oral health.

For the most part, wisdom teeth produce pain when they erupt because there is not enough room for their arrival. With limited space to come through the gums, wisdom teeth will cause crowding, which might make other teeth shift out of their proper positions. Wisdom teeth can also produce discomfort because they are incredibly prone to developing decay and infections.

How many wisdom teeth do I have?

A person can have up to four wisdom teeth but many folks only have a couple wisdom teeth. There are also people who do not develop wisdom teeth at all. If you do have wisdom teeth, they will erupt between the ages of 17 and 25, on average. Your dentist will be able to confirm the eruption of wisdom teeth during dental checkups. Most dental health professionals recommend the removal of wisdom teeth to preserve oral health and increase quality of life.

What if I decide to keep my wisdom teeth?

While some people choose to forego tooth extractions, it is unwise – especially when it comes to wisdom teeth. Wisdom teeth are incredibly susceptible to developing caries and infections like abscesses. This is because these teeth rarely erupt properly. Instead, these teeth become stuck in the gums and/or jaw, making them impossible to keep clean. Since wisdom teeth are difficult to keep clean, they and the teeth surrounding them can quickly develop disease.

Are tooth extractions uncomfortable?

When performing any kind of oral surgery, measures are taken to ensure that guests are comfortable during treatment. For wisdom tooth extractions, we will administer sedating and pain-relieving medication so that our patients can receive the care they deserve as comfortably as possible.

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