Wisdom Teeth Removal Helps Keep Your Smile Straight

Wisdom Teeth Removal Helps Keep Your Smile Straight

oral surgery StillwaterMillions of people have worn braces for years to achieve a beautiful, healthy-looking smile. Many people have also experienced unwanted tooth movement after wisdom teeth come through the gums. This scenario is why it is important to have your wisdom teeth extracted soon after they emerge.
Retaining wisdom teeth can affect the placement and positioning of adult teeth. If one does not undergo oral surgery for their removal, he or she may suffer with orthodontic and occlusal problems as well as an increased risk for common oral disease like gingivitis and cavities.
Our skilled oral surgeons remove wisdom teeth gently. Our practice utilizes the latest technology and oral surgery techniques to reduce invasiveness and promote an expedient recovery.

How to Protect Your Orthodontic Investment

It’s important to protect the placement of your teeth after orthodontic treatment; this is why orthodontists prescribe custom retainers to keep teeth in their ideal positions.
Most of the time, wisdom teeth become impacted (stuck in the gums and/or jaw) when they erupt. This is because there is not enough room for wisdom teeth to emerge upright. The crowded situation generates pressure on teeth and over time, this pressure can force teeth to move out of their healthy positions.
The best way to track the arrival of wisdom teeth is to schedule regular checkups with your dentist. During checkups, diagnostics like X-rays and a physical examination can determine how many wisdom teeth exist and the estimated time of their eruption. When wisdom teeth emerge, a dentist will recommend that a person visit an oral surgeon for their removal.
If your dentist recommends wisdom teeth removal, it is important to act quickly. Prolonging your oral surgery could increase the likelihood of unwanted tooth movement.

Comfortable Wisdom Tooth Extractions

Our team takes a gentle approach to performing treatments. We employ the latest surgical protocols to increase comfort. Our team administers medication, when necessary, during procedures to ensure positive experiences for our guests.
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